Learn to Stand Up Paddle

From USD 60

Learn to Stand Up Paddle on the beautiful Pigeon Point Heritage Park. You will learn all the proper skills to balance, paddle, and turn your boards from a Paddle Fit Certified Instructor. This tour has a land component where the skills are taught and then a water component where we put all the skills into priactice. 

From USD 60

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The Tour starts from Pigeon Point infront of Radical Sports. Then we go from the tip of Pigeon Point to the famous Pigeon Point Jetty, at which point we practice all the Stand Up Paddle Skills. Depending on time we will then take a paddle along the beach passing though parts of Buccoo Reef. 


Learn to Stand Up Paddle

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Paddle in beautiful blue water

Paddle on parts of Buccoo reef


  1. Start
  2. Pigeon Point Jetty
  3. Buccoo Reef